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Math is founded on the act of counting, or numerifying/quantifying Life.  It is all about seeing

numbers around you. Now, what do we mean by a number?  Are we talking about these things:

3, 25, 378?  Well, actually, those are symbols that REPRESENT the actual numbers. Different regions of the world may use different symbols to represent them.  You see, a number is an AMOUNT - so it is nothing without a "label".  For instance, if I told you I was going to give you 30. And you thought, "Oh yeah, jackpot!" And then I gave you 30 cents. Womp womp. Always label your numbers. Otherwise, it is just an empty symbol. So what kind of amounts do you see around you? Maybe you see 3 people, 2 books? Get to counting! And once you really start studying the actual numbers behind everything around you - and unlocking the STORIES & PATTERNS they tell - well then, you, my friend, are becoming a mathematician.  Get ready to embark on this amazing journey to uncover the matrix of your Universe! 

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