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$18 for 6-week semester ($3 per section) *$30 for 10-week semester

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Subject: "Book of Life"

Scholar will receive access to each section upon start of new lesson.

*In-Class or Individual Purchase*

I Am Sun's "The Book of Life" lessons are centered around original SAT-formatted readings that embrace the perspectives and experiences of people of color in our world and themed vocabulary lists & grammar lessons from the SAT. 

The Scope:

  • You can complete the entire Book (19 readings, 3 sections each: Reading-Vocab-Grammar) either with a co-hort or - by December 2021 -  yourself. Just let Mama P know at any point how you would like to proceed, so we can update your account & put you on the waiting list, if needed. 

  • During class, the readings are broken up into sections on our class online workbook - web access becomes closed after the end of the semester, but you can print what you have completed as you go, to keep as your record. 

—Please also purchase the following one-time supplies to organize your "I Am Sun" binder (click on image links below). This will help your scholar to organize their work, and to always be able to look back on for their studies for take-aways:

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$18 per semester (6-10 lessons & feedback per semester)

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Subject: "Spanish Workbook for {Your Scholar's Email Address}

Scholar will receive by start of class & will be updated throughout.

*In-Class Purchase Only*            

My Spanish Workbook “Mi Cuaderno de Español” is a virtual workbook by I Am Sun, to help you along your Spanish journey.  It includes:

  • The proper Letter/Sound pronunciation guide,

  • Grammar rules & practice sheets,

  • Spanish Stories to practice your accent &

  • Vocabulary cards for you to print & cut out (color-coded by part of speech)

—all to help you master speaking the Spanish language! It will update as we move forward with curriculum, and your scholars can input their answers & audio right into the virtual workbook! It is a must have for accelerated Spanish learning and a required text for class. 


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Brown Girls Think, LLC is about representation: creating content that represents the diverse experiences of people of color in the world. 100% of the profits goes toward the creation of this content or the scholarship fund for families raising young revolutionary geniuses. Click on images to peruse the gallery & see how it works.  Message Mama P with your specific choice


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