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Sentence X-Rays

Chakra Exhibits

I Am Sun Scholars' culminating year project takes their audience through their school year via the Chakras. 

Using I Am Sun's X-Ray method, I Am Sun scholars create some dope poetry.

Sentence X Ray Creations.jpg

Citizen Politics Research

I Am Sun scholars learn how to be aware, and conscientious voting citizens. 


I Am Sun scholars learn how to start their own gardens, from a backyard, to a community garden plot, to our very own balcony.

Hip Hop Theatre + treasure Hunt

I Am Sun's culminating year project take you through learned concepts and reflections via an original hip-hop theatre piece, followed by an interactive treasure-hunt. 

Lyrical Analysis

I Am Sun Scholars learn how to analyze music for subliminal themes and messages - in order to understand what they are "meditating on."

Sci-Fi Project

I Am Sun Scholars learn literary styles, techniques & themes by constructing their very own science fiction novel - each scholar taking a chapter and then co-writing the inter-connections.

Extreme & Random Sports

With a grant from Diverse City, I Am Sun Scholars and participating community members got to explore random extreme sports in their local area, from zip-lining to white-water rafting to trapeze - and even forming our very own Scooter Gang:)

Academic Carnival

I Am Sun Scholars create academic games based on their school-year, for a One Love event collaboration with Friends & Family of Incarcerated Persons.

Alternative Books

I Am Sun Scholars piece together world history and sociology by reading a series of non-traditional books, not typically examined by Euro-centric curriculum in schools.

Books Read by I Am Sun.001.jpeg

Mythology & Evolution

I Am Sun scholars learn about the methods scientist use to uncover the age and stories of the Earth - and compare it to the symbology of different cultural origin stories around the world.

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