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What is Love?  Love is both a feeling and a responsibility. It is all around you; it is just about whether you can perceive it or not. Love fades when our sense of responsibility to it fades.  So our task is to learn how to awaken to love and, most importantly, how to be responsible to whom and what we love. That is the focus of this chapter of your journey. We will both learn how to speak the Language of Love - and how to use it to uncover the Science of Peace.  Follow along with your knowledge quests for each week, by completing each line of quests and completing the Check-ins by the end of the Week. You got this. You will emerge a different person by the end of this, if you allow yourself to soak every drop of Knowledge being offered to you here. Happy Learning: )

The Art oFreedom

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W  E E K L Y   "Werk" (as in: "Put in that werk")

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