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I Am Sun is a Program of:


I Am Sun and

A Journey of living on this Earth.

Discover yourself and the world you live in - and the special role you play in it - all while acquiring strong academic skills in SAT Vocabulary, Grammar, Critical Reading Analysis & Math Olympics Training & Executive Functioning.

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Hover over the images to peruse the subjects you will Learn.  Learn about all of them through our SAT/GED for Kids class - or take them one at a time, as below.  Join our global community of scholars by signing up to apply below.  


Discover the connection between multi-cultural perspectives and Western science and history.  I Am Sun is a "magnet un-school" for those who know that life is so much more than how we learn about it in regular schools.  Imagine if we could gain the same skills and then some [college and high school standards], all while developing our sense of self-love and appreciation for the world.  What if education was the key, all along, to making this world a better place?     

I Am Sun Graduation, The Bolivarian Hall
I Am Sun Class of 2018
I Am Sun Graduation, Class of 2017
"Everyday we listen to music that our mind meditates on":  Lyrical Analysis
Meditation with Class of 2014
Ameer & Kalim, Class of 2014
I Am Sun Affirmations, Assata Shakur Chant
Mama P's Roots PCS Scholars unite at I Am Sun Showcase
Scholar Research Project
Learning Grammar Through the "Sentence X-Ray"
"I Am The Light!"
"Everything we have ever needed is right here."
Young Mama P
"Thank you, Mama P"
Learning the different biomes of the world
Constructing deeply poetic sentences with I Am Sun Scholars:)

Who is I Am Sun for? I Am Sun is a program for students [Pre-K to Adult] who are ready for something more out of their school experience - something that teaches them about the world and the power of love in it - and gives them the skills to take on higher education. It is for those who care about kindness, responsibility, diversity, justice and love. 

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Save $ and time on group classes by going directly to

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2-on-1: $25/hour/student
3-on-1: $20/hour/student           
4-on-1: $15/hour/student
5-on-1: $13/hour/student.          
6-on-1: $12/hour/student
7-on-1: $12/hour/student.           
8-on-1: $12/hour/student
9-on-1: $11.11/hour/student    
10-on-1: $10/hour/student
11+:   $9.85/hour/student

Pay via CashApp by the end of the month to $BrownGirlsThink

PAYING IT FORWARD: I Am Sun honors the principle from the Netflix film, Love Dot Com: "If you have more, give more." This means that if these rates are beyond affordable for you and your family, your extra love contribution per CashApp payment will help another family in need, like that of a student and even one of your teachers or curriculum writers (as there is so much behind-the-scenes work in teaching, particularly while also re-inventing and decolonizing curriculum). You can indicate if you are able to give and who the gift would be for on your CashApp - or even if your family would be supported by such a gift - by completing the application below.

   1-on-1:   $45/hour/student           
  2-on-1:   $30/hour/student
  3-on-1:   $25/hour/student           
  4-on-1:   $20/hour/student
  5-on-1:   $18/hour/student.          
  6-on-1:   $15/hour/student
  7-on-1:   $14/hour/student.           
  8-on-1:   $13/hour/student
  9-on-1:   $11.11/hour/student    
  10-on-1:   $10/hour/student
       11+:    $9.85/hour/student

Virtual Community Tutoring Rates
          for Working Families:

    Virtual Tutoring Rates
 for those more supported:

... $65/hour/student
... $45/hour/student
... $30/hour/student           
... $25/hour/student
... $20/hour/student          
... $18/hour/student
... $15/hour/student           
... $14/hour/student
... $13/hour/student    
... $11.11/hour/student
... $10+/hour/student

Sliding Scale Rates

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"Thank you so much! My daughter loved your class and your passion for teaching! See you in the fall for sure."

"Thank you for a great session! Thank you for safeguarding and ensuring the continued academic growth of our scholars. We appreciate you, as do our children. {My kids} thank you and truly enjoyed the classes."

"Mama P!!! Asante sana! We loved your class today...I was able to watch my son from work, with my dad. It was fantastic! Thank you for your ability to teach and engage our Young Warriors in such a loving and meaningful way!"

"I am in college now ... I am realizing that a lot of things you taught me then still helped and is helping me in my college life, and I just wanted to say thank you."

Your Teacher

"A heart for the people."

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"One of my favorite teachers."

Meet Your Teacher

"She is phenomenal."       "A rare gem."

"A Master Teacher."

Preshona Ambrita Ghose, M.Ed

What Folks Are  Saying


"Mama P"






"Mama P"



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"Mama P"



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I Am Sun Bilingual Un-School for The Gifted is The journey of your life, Through SAT/GED & Life Skills.

" The highest education is that which does not merely give us information, but makes our life in harmony with all existence." Rabindranath  Tagore 

" What you help a child to love proves far more significant than what you help Them to learn."So teach them to love to learn. -African Proverb 

sparking of a flame, not the filling of a pail." -Plutarch

" For education is about the 

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